Neabsco Creek Dredging

Dredging at Neabsco Creek

Neabsco Creek is clogged at its channel with approximately 17,000 cubic yards of silt. A little over 25,000 tons of that silt must be removed for safe passage of boats through the channel. In March of 2018, the U.S. Coast Guard replaced the navigational markers from the channel with danger signs, notifying boat owners that the channel, in some areas, was unsafe. Since the depth of the channel was found to be under 4 feet in certain sections, a grant was approved by the Prince William Board of County Supervisors for $750,000 to alleviate the problem by dredging the channel to a depth of a minimum of 5 feet. The project has begun and is currently underway. A group of several Neabsco Creek marina owners, as well as community volunteers, created “Neabsco Creek, LLC”, to oversee the project. To represent our community’s interest in this project, the WPCCA is a co-manager of the allocated funds. The Industrial Development Authority of Prince William County (IDA) will administer the grant.

It is important to note that the members of the LLC, the marina owners, are responsible for the specific dredging of their own specific marinas and cannot use any public funds for this purpose.

There are approximately 1,000 recreational boats docked at Neabsco Creek. For this reason, the dredging is taking place now during the offseason so that boaters can soon resume using the channel to the Potomac River. Completion of the dredging is expected to be around than February 15, 2019. By using containers, barges, and dump trucks, the removed silt will be offloaded at the Prince William County Landfill Complex. 

Current Statistics Regarding The Neabsco Creek Dredging Project:
9 trucks each day
11-13 cubic yards per truck per trip
48 – 54 loads per day 

Approximately 600 cubic yards per day
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